The argon.js framework was created in conjunction with Argon4, the 4th version of the Argon Browser. Argon4 is a web browser with AR capabilities, and together with argon.js lets developers create AR-enabled web sites that mix geospatial AR with computer vision tracking of images and objects (using the Vuforia AR SDK). Argon4 also allows multiple AR web-apps to run and be visible at the same time and abstracts the underlying technology from the application: both of these characteristics of Argon4 anticipate the future of AR-enabled web-browsers and have informed the design of argon.js.

The argon.js framework is designed to make it easy to build AR-enabled web-applications that will run in any standards-based web-browser, not just Argon4, across a variety of platforms and devices. Apps built with argon.js are normal web-apps, built with standard web technologies (HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, WebGL, etc), which can be hosted with any standard server-side architecture. No proprietary server-side solution required!

This site contains a collection of articles for learning how to use argon.js to add Augmented Reality content to a web application.